Privacy policy

About us

Doctors’ Health Services Pty Ltd (ABN 24 606 610 440) (DrHS) was formed in April 2015 to establish the first national health program for doctors and medical students in Australia.

DrHS is a subsidiary company of the Australian Medical Association Limited (ABN 37 008 426 793) (AMA) and is funded by the Medical Board of Australia. DrHS coordinates the delivery of advisory and referral services to doctors and medical students by providers covering every state and territory.

DrHS has contracted ModMed Limited (ABN 48 160 964 812) (ModMed) to host education and training content for doctors (Courses).

Our privacy commitment to you

We are required to comply with the Australian Privacy Principles and other provisions of the Privacy Act 1988. More information about these principles and Australian privacy law can be found on the Australian Information Commissioner’s website

What personal information do we collect, store and use and how do we collect this?

In order to undertake the Courses, ModMed will ask you to create a User Account with the following information:

Can I undertake the Courses anonymously or using a pseudonym?

You can use a username and email address that does not identify you.

You can use pseudonyms rather than your real first name and surname. However, the pseudonyms will appear on your certificate of completion (if you choose to generate one).

What information is disclosed about me?

ModMed will provide DrHS with reports that contain the following information:

DrHS may provide reports to stakeholders about the uptake of the training. These reports will not include usernames, first names, surnames or email addresses.

Contact by local Doctors’ Health Advisory Service

If you want to be contacted by your local Doctors’ Health Advisory Service then you will be asked to provide your express consent to your First Name, Surname, State (where provided) and Role (where provided) being passed onto your local Doctors’ Health Advisory Service.

How do we store and protect the information we hold about you?

Information collected by ModMed will be stored in accordance with ModMed’s privacy policy which is available from

Information provided by ModMed to DrHS will be stored by the AMA at its premises, in electronic systems under the AMA’s control and with contracted data storage providers. The AMA’s privacy policy is available from

Local Doctors’ Health Advisory Services are separate organisations and have their own privacy policies.

Do you send my information overseas?

AMA and ModMed may disclose your information to organisations, such as our providers of cloud services and website hosting services. These organisations may be based, or have servers, outside Australia.

For how long do you keep my personal information?

We generally keep your personal information active for as long as is reasonably required to enable us to meet your needs.

Our arrangements with ModMed include a requirement for ModMed to delete DrHS’s data at the end of term within 30 days of a request to do so.

Contacting us

Under Australian privacy law, you have rights of access to personal information we hold about you. These rights also include correction of any errors in this information. Should you wish to access this information please contact us. Unless the access you request will require special steps or significant resources, there will be no charge for providing you with this access.

You should also contact us if you have a concern or issue in relation to how we collect, store, use or disclose your personal information.

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